New Video

2016-07-31 21:00:13 by Taliwacky

Its been a while, but I took my time with this one. I hope you all enjoy.

Puddy Buddy

2016-01-20 23:21:53 by Taliwacky

Latest video is out and I hope you all enjoy. Don't forget to play with your Puddy Buddy. 

New Animations!!!

2015-12-08 21:26:44 by Taliwacky

I just upgraded my animation program. Loads of new options are now available to me. Looking foward to a new year filled with better cartoons. 

In the mean time Check out the Fallout Shelter parody I made. 

New Video (Gamer Related)

2015-09-27 13:55:10 by Taliwacky

New video will be posted soon. It will be a parody of a recent mobile game that I have become addicted to.  I will be trying out new teqhniques and camera work on this video as well. I hope you Newgrounds peeps will enjoy.

New Episode!!!

2015-08-12 21:55:23 by Taliwacky

Finally finished the latest Grocery Guye episode. I made a lot of improvments and I hope you Newgrounds people will enjoy.

Grocery Guye

2015-07-24 23:44:18 by Taliwacky

I am currently working on Grocery Guye episode 2. I have used the feedback given to me. Look out for better animation, better sound effects, and a better script. I am really proud of what I am creating. I hope you Newgrounds peoples will enjoy. 

Amateur Animation

2015-07-19 22:30:22 by Taliwacky

Hello Newgrounds peoples. I am excited to have fround this awsome site. Im defiently a beginner, yet I hope to learn and improve.  Iv'e had a youtube channel for about a year now. It contains a mixture of live comedy and animation. Thanks for reading, enjoy.